Hi! I'm Melissa 👋🏻

I am currently available for work!

I write:

Technical documentation, user guides, blog posts, news articles, and other copy.

Published with:

Docs-as-code, Markdown, SSGs, CMSs, Desktop publishing (Scribus, word processors.)

Cultivate communities:

Creating policies, advising on processes, outreach, advocacy, moderation, conflict resolution, abuse mitigation.

Make graphics:

Logo design, vector graphics, photo editing/retouch, illustration, and game graphics including 3D assets.


GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, Blender, and Adobe suite (2007-ish, including pre-acquisition Macromedia).

I adapt intuitively to new graphics/design software such as figma, canva, etc.

Support my work:

And have a tech background:

  • PHP such as Drupal, Wordpress, Zend, PEAR, and other CMSs or frameworks.
  • CSS, HTML, SSGs, and JavaScript including frameworks like jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, and abstraction layers.
  • REST APIs and JSON data sources.
  • Git and other version control systems.
  • Python, Perl, C, C#, C++, and other common languages.
  • Bash, awk, and other commandline utilities.

If you are interested, please keep the following in mind:

I am in the Pacific time zone.

Remote or mostly remote, please. I have a disability that makes commuting difficult.

I have concerns about Gen AI & blockchain dependence . I will not work for law enforcement, NATSEC, or Defense/MIC contractors. Disclosure is appreciated.

Contacting me:

My first name @ this domain.

I can provide other contact details in reply.

Branding for the Libera.Chat IRC network; A vaporwave-ish logo of pink mountains with purple rays. Animated logo for Libera.Chat's website to bring in 2024. A wide-eared yellow cat next to a bowl of ice cream scoops that are topped with chocolate syrup. The sand cat ('felis margarita') is licking a drip off a paw. Made for a friend's social media. Houseplant game sprites, used in a mod I created for the game Rimworld. Available on stuff, see my shop links! For more examples of my work, please see my shop links, or contact me.